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Easter Sunday In London

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Since I was spending Easter Sunday in London I thought it might be pretty cool to go to Easter Mass in one of the very old Catholic Churches that exist in London. I was not disappointed when I found St. Etheldreda's. St. Etheldreda's was build in and around 1250 AD. It is the oldest Catholic Church in England and one of only two remaining buildings in London from the reign of Edward I. The name Etheldreda was once one of the most popular Saints of the day in London (a Saint I have never heard of). What is also interesting is that this church was surrounded by massive gardens and grounds. but over time the land was sold off and just out right destroyed so now the only thing standing is the actual church, which is sandwiched in between buildings on all sides. DSC05704.JPGDSC05706.JPGDSC05714.JPGDSC05709.JPG
I was not sure what to expect when I attended the mass at this church. As I walked in I could tell this was going to be pretty cool. It was not overly "big" but it was super old and super cool (if you like that sort of thing). What was most striking, to me, was the organ and choir. Now I've heard my share of choirs over the years, and I can tell you, most of them sucked compared to what I heard at this church. The organ and choir were so amazing, you could feel the whole place shake! They were that powerful and that good. I finally understand why so many musicians have been inspired by the church organ and choir over the years. If you go to a good one, it make all the difference. Another thing I noticed is that this mass was a hour and a half long and worshiped in Latin. I can not remember the last time I sat through a mass that long. Over the years the Catholic mass has really been whittled down to its bare bones (which is usually in the realm of 45 minutes long, especially if there is an "Important" game on). So to sit through an hour and half mass was pretty old school to this guy. That and I have never heard a mass done in Latin before. For me the one saving grace for such a long mass was the 20 minute choir and organ break down half way though the mass. It was pretty awesome.DSC05711.JPGDSC05717.JPGDSC05718.JPG

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